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Testimonial: Josh
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BarProse student Josh successfully passed the California bar exam in February 2017 on his fourth attempt. The pass rate for February 2017 was 34.5%, one of the most challenging on record. Here is what he had to say about BarProse:

I found BarProse by happy accident as I was preparing for my fourth attempt on the Cal Bar exam. I am so h...

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Is The California Bar Exam Harder?
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It depends.

Are we asking about overall performance (pass rate) or the amount of work required to achieve a passing score?

Is the pass rate of the California bar exam lower? No.
Is more work required to pass the bar? Yes.

Historical Passage Rates

The pass rate on the 2016 July examination was undoubtedly low. Many have commented on the recent low performance o...

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Second Degree Murder
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Second Degree Murder


Second Degree Murder is the statutory version of common law murder. However. the element of Felony Murder is not discussed because it is included in First Degree Murder.

February 2008 #3 Model A All murder that is not murder in the first degree i...
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