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July 2016 CA Bar Exam Results Released
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Declining Bar Pass Rate

The overall pass rate on the July 2016 California bar was 43%. The July CA bar pass rate has declined for the past three years consecutively (see chart). The bar pass rate has also declined nationally. The cause of this decline is not clear - some say that law students are less able, while others point to the exam itself. Regardless of why the bar rates have declined, we know that you are focused on passing the exam.

Bar Exam Scoring

The February 2017 CA bar is a three-day exam that will be 65% written (6 one hour essays and 2 three-hour performance tests) and 35% multiple choice (MBE).

Beginning in July 2017, the CA bar will change to two days and it will be 50% written (5 one hour essays and 1 ninety-minute performance test) and 50% multiple choice (MBE).

Whether you are preparing for the February 2017 exam or the July 2017 exam, you will be required to write 5 to 6 essays, worth 100 points each.

How BarProse Can Help You: Personalized Assessment & Feedback

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An IRAC Summary of BarProse

Issue: Quality essay writing is a requirement to pass the bar.

Rule: Quality essay writing requires objective feedback. Barprose gives you objective feedback.

Analysis: The intense emotional pressure of studying for the bar distorts test takers' ability to objectively analyze their own work. Because they cannot analyze their own work objectively, they do not write passing bar essays. The objective feedback provided by BarProse allows these test takers to succeed where they otherwise would fail.

Conclusion: BarProse is the right tool to improve your writing performance.