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Testimonial: Josh
posted on in Testimonials by BarProse

BarProse student Josh successfully passed the California bar exam in February 2017 on his fourth attempt. The pass rate for February 2017 was 34.5%, one of the most challenging on record. Here is what he had to say about BarProse:

I found BarProse by happy accident as I was preparing for my fourth attempt on the Cal Bar exam. I am so happy I did.

First of all, the customer service was above and beyond anything I had encountered while I was using any of the other programs I have tried.

Additionally, the super-fast turnaround rate meant that I could immediately see feedback and apply it to my studies instead of waiting much longer like when I used a private tutor. The number of essays meant that I could write several essays every day and really nail my approach.

Finally, the price for the feedback is so reasonable. A tenth of what I paid for a private tutor that I hired when I failed the first time.

I am the person that never should have passed. I am a CBA graduate without a college degree. I worked the whole time during law school. I am a homeowner with a wife and three sons. And I failed the Bar three times.

I finally passed and there is no doubt in my mind that BarProse is a huge reason for my success.