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Core Negligence Approach
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Negligence is implicated when the facts of a prompt indicate that an individual did not act with due care. Negligence is a very broad category on the bar, so be sure to watch for facts that indicate special sub-rules such as professionals (doctors, lawyers, engineers etc.) or products liability. The following post will review the basic rules and outline for negligence. Later posts will address each sub-issue. <...

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California Bar Exam Subjects
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Taking the bar for the first time? Need a refresher of the study topics? BarProse has you covered.

The MBE subjects are those that appear on the multiple choice and essay portions of the CA Bar, while the California specific subjects appear only on the essay portion.

MBE subjects

  • Constitutional law
  • Contracts
  • Criminal Law and Procedure
  • Federal Civil Procedure
  • ...
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Interpreting Your Score Sheet
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We'd like to share some tips from our tutors on how to interpret the numbers on your score sheet from the July 2016 CA Bar Exam.

Here We Will Review...

  • Scores on the Written Portion
  • How to Review Essay Scores
  • MBE Scores
  • Passing Score requirements

Scores on the Written Portion

Essays and PTs are scored on a 0-100 point range. Most essays and PTs will rec...

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