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Interpreting Your Score Sheet
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We'd like to share some tips from our tutors on how to interpret the numbers on your score sheet from the July 2016 CA Bar Exam.

Here We Will Review...

  • Scores on the Written Portion
  • How to Review Essay Scores
  • MBE Scores
  • Passing Score requirements

Scores on the Written Portion

Essays and PTs are scored on a 0-100 point range. Most essays and PTs will rec...

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July 2016 CA Bar Exam Results Released
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Declining Bar Pass Rate

The overall pass rate on the July 2016 California bar was 43%. The July CA bar pass rate has declined for the past three years consecutively (see chart). The bar pass rate has also declined nationally. The cause of this decline is not clear - some say that law students are less able, while others point to the exam itself. Regardless of why the bar rates have declined, we know that you are focused on pass...

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